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Job market

As economy reopens, the jobs market showed some signs of improvement in June

Signs of improvement in the jobs market there were 4.8 million jobs added last month. That's the biggest increase on record, and the unemployment rate dropped to 11.1%. The June employment survey was taken in mid-month before new coronavirus outbreaks ...
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Congressman French Hill

Congressman from Arkansas French Hill on the next steps for possible stimulus checks

What do we do this next time around? Is it going to be another big one with checks for a number of people again $1200? I think we're looking for gaps we're looking for as the economy opens up what ...
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Construction worker

The Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia defends new visa restrictions for foreign workers

We've made a lot of headway in getting people back to work since March. We added 2.5 million jobs through the middle of May, but we still have ways to go, and part of how we get there is giving ...
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Dick Grasso

Former NYSE chairman Dick Grasso: Chinese businesses must meet U.S accounting standards to be listed on the U.S premier exchanges

The Senate passed a bill earlier this month that would require companies to prove they are not controlled by a foreign government and that they can meet U.S accounting standards, threatening some of Beijing's largest listings in the United States ...
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Elective surgeries

Delaying elective surgeries may cause problems to the US economy

Coronavirus is taking millions of dollars out of the nation's medical system and threatening resources in that system. In fact, the former Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin is warning that US hospitals could lose more than five hundred billion dollars ...
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John Barrasso

John Barrasso talks about the reopening of the economy in Wyoming

Wyoming senator of the Senate Energy Committee and Foreign Relations Committee member John Barrasso commented On Fox about Wyoming's state of the economy. My state is very vulnerable to this shutdown because you've got lots of industries that are shot ...
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The Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette

People will get cheap gas prices during the economic recovery

The Department of Energy puts out a request to see some proposals to buy up to a million barrels of light sweet crude oil for the strategic petroleum reserve looking particularly to source from small and mid-sized oil-producers struggling to ...
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No rent!

People across the US demand to cancel the rent payments

"Cancel rent" is a new rallying cry taking hold across the country as tenants say that they cannot or will not pay the rent with unemployment. Soaring housing activists are also pushing for federal action to freeze all rent and ...
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Eugene Scalia

Despite the jobs report, Scalia remains optimistic about reopening economy

Jobs with the unemployment rate hitting 16% the highest on record Friday's upcoming report will capture the full impact of the coronavirus lockdowns that began in mid-March. Unemployment numbers continuing to rise, we see that every week with the benefits ...
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Financial struggle

The new study says Americans are preoccupied with financial problems

A new study from Bankrate finds Americans are growing increasingly concerned about money. The senior economic analyst from bankrate.com Mark Hamrick thinks that a majority of Americans are concerned number one about their ability to pay bills. According to the ...
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