The new study says Americans are preoccupied with financial problems

Financial struggle

A new study from Bankrate finds Americans are growing increasingly concerned about money.

The senior economic analyst from Mark Hamrick thinks that a majority of Americans are concerned number one about their ability to pay bills.

According to the study, 60 percent tell they are either moderately to extremely concerned about that.

The secondary concern 57% of Americans are concerned about their job security, and 55% are moderately-extremely concerned about the value of their investments.

Many of these individuals got $1200 a person $3,400 for a family of four. However, lots of them still have been deeply anxious because they have had trouble with the IRS website trying to figure out when their money when their stimulus is going to arrive. If we go on a few more weeks, don’t you expect these numbers to spike.

Before this began when we were in the midst of that a historic economic expansion, only 40 percent of Americans could pay a $1,000 or more emergency expense from savings.

Besides these concerns, many analytics think that a lot of small businesses that requesting aid simply won’t get it, and a lot of them will be just out of business.

People inside the big banks said that this money is going to be gone within days.

Lots of money allocated by the government and meant for small business was not going to small business at all. It was going to other companies, like hedge funds.

The Treasury wanted to make a point of saying that the hedge funds can’t apply, but if you read the guide, it doesn’t really say that. It says if companies like hedge funds that are profitable apply for this, they don’t deserve it, and they should give it back.

However, we do know is that financial firms are still applying. So those are the obstacles that the Treasury still has, and with high probability, it’s gonna run out of money, and it’s still getting into the wrong hands.

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